Home of Asset Administration Shell (AAS)

This server is managed by IDTA. This server provides various tools and examples explaining the concept of the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) hosted under the Github organization at https://github.com/admin-shell-io.

Downloads and Screencasts

Download of releases and source code of AASX Package Explorer are at https://github.com/admin-shell-io/aasx-package-explorer.
Please find screencasts at http://admin-shell-io.com/screencasts.
Please find AAS examples at http://admin-shell-io.com/samples.

AASX-Server Demonstrator

Please find an example AASX Server at https://admin-shell-io.com/5001.
The REST API of this server to be used with the AASX Package Explorer is at https://admin-shell-io.com/51411.
Download of releases, docker and source code are at https://github.com/admin-shell-io/aasx-server.

AASX-Server Security-Demonstrator

Please find the AASX server of the security demo at https://admin-shell-io.com/5011.
The REST API of this server to be used with the AASX Package Explorer is at https://admin-shell-io.com/51511.
Please find the related OpenID Authentication Server at https://admin-shell-io.com/50001/.well-known/openid-configuration.
Download, docker and source code are at https://github.com/admin-shell-io/aasx-IdentityServer4.
The security demo is explained under screencasts Security (see above).
Please take also a look on video #10 at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvYk-bRkF9-x0HdpJfEcV7g.